Change Out Your Old Electrical Panel

Turn to Tim Moss & Sons Trades, Inc for electrical panel upgrades in Greensboro, NC

Your whole electricity system is dependent on your electrical panels. If your panels are failing, you need Tim Moss & Sons Trades, Inc. We can take care of any electrical panel upgrades you need.

By upgrading your electrical panel, we can make sure:

Everything is up to code
Your electrical system can support new appliances
You won't have to deal with further electrical malfunctions
Your breakers won't trip anymore
Appliances can run on full power

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It's time to upgrade your electrical panel

It's time to upgrade your electrical panel

Are you trying to find a contractor who can take care of replacing your electrical panel? We've got you covered. Our services are always top-notch. You'll be impressed by our punctuality and attention to detail. If you've been noticing problems with your panels, let us know.

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